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“I had a really sticky situation with a special master that seemed pretty hopeless. JoAnne did extensive research and was able to resolve the problem in my favor. I am very happy with the work she did for me. I highly recommend JoAnne for custody matters.” – KC

“I was in serious need of legal help with some potential criminal charges. I contacted JoAnne and she returned my call promptly. She was very attentive to my situation and explained what possible legal outcomes I could face. She gave me solid legal counsel on how to proceed and started working on my case right away. I do not know what I would have done without her help. JoAnne is a great attorney who works hard and cares about her clients. I would highly recommend her for any legal need!” – JS

“We were in need of legal services, By chance we seen a vehicle with a sign stating “attorney at law” with a telephone number. So we called to our amazement JoAnne answered the first time and has been a blessing to us since. she is very reliable, hard working, and flexible, with great communication skills, and has given a lot of useful information thanks JoAnne!!!!!” – Mr. Harper

“I was in search of a hardworking attorney and was referred by a lawyer friend of mine from Southern California to JoAnne. I sent her an e-mail and she responded shortly after and then called to discuss my legal issues. She was upfront, honest, and courteous. I had talked with other attorneys that pretty much told me that I was holding them up. She’s good! I definitely recommend JoAnne! Thanks again!” – JB

“I recently underwent a bariatric procedure that would not have occurred had I not met with JoAnne and received her guidance and experienced advice on proper channels and procedures for appealing the declination of this procedure by my insurance carrier. Her direction and down-right hand-holding were key factors in my appellate success.” – P.H.


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