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Family Law

FamilyLaw-imgFamily law is a passion of mine because it is an area of law in which I feel the legislature of California truly offer tools and resources to families in transition. My exposure in this field since 2011 has made me a great resource in this area. I am frequently engaged in continuing education specifically in the area of litigation and family law. I am engaged as a member with several prominent family law organizations such as AAML, AFCC, The Family Law Section of the California Lawyers Association and litigation organizations such as San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association.

Resources remain untapped when a person is uneducated about their options. It is my job as my client’s personal advocate to not only offer knowledge about resources that them as an individual or to assist the family unit. I will fight for what my client is entitled to under the law.

As an advocate for my client I am duty bound by ethics to also encourage settlement when it is the most attractive option in a given situation. I enjoy working with my clients to arrive at a reasonable solution for all involved.

Based on my life experience, I can offer personal insight about the challenges that family law parties face before, during and after their case. When it is indicated that an individual or family unit can benefit from the help of outside resources I am well-connected with the resources available in the counties I cover. I have trial litigation experience as well as mediation and collaborative law experience.

I hate to see families in despair so it is my job to do the best I can to help in any way possible to achieve a more positive outcome at the end of the day.

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